Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Your Turn, My Turn (Writeboard)

Wow! there are so many web 2.0 applications that I don't know where to start. The names don't make it obvious as to what they do. Even with a search option to sort them out, I don't know how to predict what the tags words would be.

This site is a directory for differnet web apps: http://www.listio.com/
I searched "teach Spanish", "learn Spanish", "practice Spanish" and just plain "Spanish"; unfortunatley, I did not find anything useful for school. I found Spanishpod, a podcast learning program, but it's $9 a month.

I learned from Joyce about Writeboard when she sent the 6th grade team an email to go to her writeboard with the password and directions to help brainstorm a project that we are working on in advisory. She started with some ideas and we just clicked "edit" to add our ideas. Collaborating is such a good idea. No one person should have to do all the work. Good ideas can be born when when all put our creativity together.

It was SO simple that I got the idea that everyone in my family can use it! Every year we make tamales and a flurry of emails goes out about who is bringing what. The web sometimes gets tangled and our communication fails. I thought that a wiki would help to solve this, but I like this better because it's private and no one has to create a new account, except the creator (me). Here's my started writeboard for our big day:


  1. I'm going to argue that Writeboard is a wiki, one that is very easy to use and it does not call itself a wiki. Maybe that is for the best. People hear that buzzword and they think they need to learn something new. Note that I don't think you can add pictures with this tool.

  2. How did the 6th Grade Team Writeboard work out?