Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have been searching for podcasts for my students to listen to so that they can reenforce what they learned in class. Most of the programs/podcasts I found that they are really slow and use people from Spain who speak with the ceceo (which sounds kind of like a lisp). It bothers me that they have to take a minute or more to advertise their program before they get started with each segment! Discover Spanish, the progam that I like to best so far is broadcast out of Miami, Florida and they sound more like me (for continuity). Johnny Spanish and Christina go back and forth and have the listener repeat or respond after explaining small phrases. They even have interactive lessons online that the listener can listen to on their website, but that costs $46, sorry.


  1. Glad you are looking. Maybe you can find short segments without commercials. If there is no copyright issue, perhaps you could save these and have a small collection of them for student use.

  2. Did you explore Educational Podcast Network, Learn Out Loud, Podcast.com, or iTunes? I found the greatest success with these.