Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Presentations 2.0

Searching for presentations in Slide share was difficult because I could not narrow down my search. For example I looked for "Spanish expressions in the classroom" and all it came up with was Spanish presentations produced by companies selling their language learning programs. Maybe I need to add some punctuation to my searches, but it does not seem too user friendly. Or maybe, there are not presentations on this site that I am looking for.

I did find this presentation that I found interesting and useful for introducing the 5th graders' unit on culture of Spanish Speaking countries. I marked it as a favorite becuase it is simple, short enough and informative.


  1. I think the issue is that most people do not share their presentations. One reason for this might be copyright. What we show within the school many times cannot go outside the school due to copyright limitations. However, I also think many people consume information that they might find on a site like SlideShare but they don't give back. Do what you can to give something back....I will too. Maybe we will both find more resources in the future.

  2. SlideShare is only one such resource. Sometimes I do a search for "x presentation" and get results.